This article aims to explain how to refresh the vst2, vst3, lv2, ladspa plugins on each daw available on linux. Up to now I add some of the possible DAW usable on Linux in the future I will add more on this article.

List of DAW/Software with scan plugins guide:

When you use a DAW with or without pipewire up to now you must use Jack but in this way you cannot see a video on youtube o do something else during your daw session, because jack control the audio and not pulseaudio.

In this guide we will see how…

Although I start using linvst I’m converted to yabridge defintly, because it support vst2 and vst3 at 32 bit and 64 bit togheder and it also have a clean manage of plugisn: you can add some folder and after you can scann for plugins and it create automatically the .so…

I use SweetHome3D, Blender and his plugin Armory 3D Engine to create a web explorable home that I deployed with Altervista free space. This software are open source and work in each Desktop operating system (Winodws, OsX, Linux, maybe also BSD).

Demo web

See the simple demo:


If you need to automate some GUI action for elude the timeout of some application or you want to do generic UI test automation your tool is SiculiX.

Auto scroll on Jupyter Notebook Browser page

This library can be used for test automation of UI application in each operative system that support Java, so it can be…

Overleaf is a very useful web server that offer the possibility to share and edit easily the LaTeX project. But sometimes you need to use only your computer and also the conviction that without overleaf you can’t must be destroyed. Also to know better LaTeX is a good motivation.

LaTeX Vs Word like software


3D scan is a very expensive technology but you can reach good result with MeshRoom but you need to much photos. But in some simple cases you can reach good result also with only one image and the deapth map. …

Simple hand tracking using opencv and mediapipe.

I start from the code of opencvhandracking library that actually do not work on my python 3.6 and 3.8. I copy their classes and I use it into a very simple script.


You need to have python and pip and install the following…

Armory Paint is a 3D paint open source software that allow you to create great texture, normal map etc… I is an open source alternative to Z-Brush or Adobe Substance Painter for create material and textures for 3D objects.

I want to explain how to compile it from scratch on…

If also you have problem with your old Adonit Dash 3 Stylus and you want repair it, you are in the correct post.

In particular I have problem with the battery life, but in this post I try to explain how to umount Adonit Dash 3 to repair any problems.

Disassemble the pen

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