3D printed: easy deformation analysis

Some 3D printed component are used in stressed situation, it can endure deformations and it can break. So you need to do a FEM(Finite Element Multiphisics) analysis, in this post we can see how to do it with Linux completely free.

FEM Static analisys example

The Mesh

At first we need to have a mesh: we can do the mesh in very different way, it is not important, at the end we need the .stl file only or a .obj.


The most easy and free software to do this kind of analysis is FreeCAD. You can download it.

Prepare the mesh and do the static analysis

Open FreeCAD and import the mesh.

The imported mesh can not be a real mesh for FreeCAD so you may need to transform to MESH.

After You can Select FEM from the menu and add an Analysis.

Add a material (also PLA or PETG or ABS are available from default, but you can also modify the parameters).

Create FEM volume mesh (if you prefer with gmsh).

Specify your forces.

Click on CalculiX and Solve.

On the results mesh you can see all you need.

This is only quick note, If you prefer you can see this video.


With this free and simple instrument you can get better structured 3D printed component that can endure to the expected stress.

Enjoy your 3D printing and Stay safe!