Sometimes you may need to automatize translation without using API, so you can search if exist a pre trained model on HugginFace and you can use it your script.

This is a quick guide that explain how to use AutoModelForSeq2SeqLM on HuggingFace and in particular I will use Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-it-en and Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-en-it to translate italian to english.

I put all the code in this colab notebook (it is not editable, if you want to edit copy it in yours colab notebook).

An application is to use summarization in another lang not supported, as i do in this colab notebook.


SPARTA (Spatial Audio Real-time Applications) is an open source collection of flexible VST audio plug-ins for spatial audio production, reproduction and visualisation. In this story I will show how to install this collection of plugins on linux and load it into Ardour, Reaper or Carla.

Pre requirements

You need to install the following libraries:

# maybe you just have
sudo apt-get install x11proto-xinerama-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev libgtk-3-dev x11proto-xext-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libasound2-dev
sudo apt-get install libhdf5-dev libnetcdf-dev libnetcdff-dev

Download and Install

Download the software from the official page, unzip it and go into the folder with a terminal:

cd Linux_SPARTA_2021_04_22_v1.5.0

Copy in l/usr/lib


For many uses I need to use my Android phone or tablet as second screen so I start to study how to obtain it from scratch by duplicate the monitor.

I find linux-second-screen project on github but his guide is not from scrach so there I explayn step by step how to duplicate the screen between your Linux and your Android phone.

Prepare your system

This method work only for x11 not for wayland.

Install x11vnc

sudo apt install x11vnc

Share the pc display with the command


Now at your ip:5900 your computer share a VNC server that share your display.


I use a Logitech wirless keyboard with non meccanical keys but it is a pretty good keyboard. In particular I use when I work, but also when I whatch a film from the sofa eating some snaks. So to keep it clean is a very good Idea.

Ordinary Mainteinance

I do not do enought ordinary mainteinance, but I think that can be enought to clean with an electrostatic cloth abitually, and if some key start to “change colour” use a cloth soaked in watet.

Extraordinary maintenance

Sometimes, every year or every six month (or when you think it is necessary) you must clean under…

To sing voice in an automatic way, there aren’t many solutions on Linux: Synthesizer V is one of those, and it seems very professional.

Screenshot by the author

This software is free with some limitations; in particular, the voices lite are for noncommercial use only, and the track is limited to 4, but you can buy a full version if you are limited; from their site, you can find more information.

I make music only for myself, so I use the light version, and I will show how to run it on Linux, and I also add a simple getting started.


An alternative is QTau but is very old, and his professional level is very low, but it is open source. …

Usando per la domotica Home Assistant su un Raspberry una delle cose documentate in modo così così è come impostare il wifi invece dell’ethernet per la connessione alla nostra rete di casa.

La soluzione è derivata da questo thread e da questa documentazione.

Preparare la chiavetta di config

Creare una chiavetta FAT32 con etichetta CONFIG. (Usando linux la ho preparata con GPARTED).

Selezionare la chiavetta corretta usando la list view in alto a destra.

Smontare eventualmente via software la partitura.

Tasto destro e selezionare Formatta come > fat32

tasto destro sulla partizione creata e cliccare Etichetta file system

I want to develop my Zigbee devices for my Smart Home. In particular I use Home assistant and ConBee II to not be dependent from platform proprietary bridge. I see that some kind of sensore are too expensive so I try to get a economic board to develop it.

I put all my small experience on that git repo.

I explain instruction to use with Windows and Linux.

Zigbee Boards

I find the most famous development board with zigbee integrated in XBee but it is expencive and his clone are not available.

So I find the Ebyte E18-MS1-PCB , a board like…

I read this guide and that other, but I find much problem to install ns-3 on ubuntu so I make this unified guide.


$ sudo apt update 
$ sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake libxmu-dev python3-pygraphviz cvs mercurial bzr git cmake p7zip-full python3-matplotlib python-tk python3-dev qt5-qmake qt5-default gnuplot-x11 wireshark

Download here



tar jxvf ns-allinone-3.32.tar.bz2
cd ns-allinone-3.32/
./ --enable-examples --enable-tests

To check whether ns3 installed successfully, use the following commands.

cd ns-3.32/
./waf — run hello-simulator

You should get the output as Hello Simulator

./waf — run first 

This is the example from the ns-3.32/examples/tutorial/ file which will…

This story is part of the series Zero-Config Audio tricks with Colab you can find there more trik related to audio.

This explain shortly the Generating Piano Music with transformer that create an artificial intelligence that can generate piano music.

Generate from scratch


In this Notebook you can try the Music Generator by exec all boxes, in partitcular you have therr interesting options:

Sometimes is complex to find a good printer that can work also with linux, but HP printers seams a good choice: this is a guide to configure your HP printer on linux.

Unfortunatly not all the printers work on linux but HP driver seams to work with the whole catalog.

I test this guide to my HP Laser Jet Pro MFP M28a but it probably work on all HP Printers.

Connect printer to your PC

Start your printer and wait that some noise from the printer stop.

Connect the usb printer to the usb.

This because it is possible that you do not see it…

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