Blacksun Amp VST on OpenSuse

Blacksun is a versatile Amp that can be used also on linux, but it is closed source and the compiled file available work well on ubuntu (I tested it on Linux Mint) but not on OpenSuse.

In this guide we show how to install it correctly on your OpenSuse.

This guide can be useful for each times you have this error on Open Suse (I tested on Open Suse Tubleweed)

error while loading shared libraries:

Requirements (fix)

It require libcurl but it call in different way so you must create a simbolink link

sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

Download and Install

You must buy there and after they will send you the zip.

Unzip it and go inside the folder

cd Blacksun+Installers+v1/Blacksun\ Linux
sudo mkdir /opt/Audio\ Assault/
sudo cp -r Blacksun /opt/Audio\ Assault/Blacksun
cp ~/.vst/

Now refresh on your DAW the vst2 on folder ~/.vst/ and it will work (An explanation can be found at chapter "Scan from your favourite DAW" into that article for Reaper, Ardour and Carla).

Or you can try the standalone version by running Jack and after:

cd Blacksun+Installers+v1/Blacksun\ Linux
./Blacksun\ Standalone
#remember to insert the mail with wich you buy it to unlock


On linux for Guitars now I prefer KPP tube amp with the correct profile or GuitarX that are open source, another alternative that I use is ToneLib GFX but is experimental and it have only DEB format.

Also if that alternatives are very good to test and use another can be interesting.