CAD Sketcher Blender plugin

This story is a textual guide that show how to install CAD Sketcher plugin on Blender, if you want a video guide you can find it here.


Go here insert a price (that can also be 0, but you can donate) and download the zip file.


Now go to Blender Edit>Preferences>Add-ons and click on Install button: search for zip downloaded file and install.

Now from Edit>Preferences>Add-ons enable 3D View: CAD Sketcher.

In the Edit>Preferences>Add-ons open 3D View: CAD Sketcher you will see a button install with pip, click it and restart blender.

Now on Object Mode you will have new tools.

Sketch example

Basic Usage

You can press "n" to open right menu, you will see Sketcher option.

From Sketcher option you can click Add Sketch and select the plane in withc you want to work.

Sketch option

From the left panel select Mesh as Convert Type

Convert Type Mesh

Now you can draw a rectangle


and after Click on Leave: Sketch.

Leave sketch

Now you can add a solidify modifier with 2m


If now from Sketcher view we edit the sketch by adding a circle inside and after we will click Leave skatch we will see modification.

modify with solidify


This is a Young plugin that need more feature but it just have some interesting feature to draw like CAD with blender, it can be very confortable to draw somethings.



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