Clean the keys of Logitech k400r keyboard

Ordinary Mainteinance

I do not do enought ordinary mainteinance, but I think that can be enought to clean with an electrostatic cloth abitually, and if some key start to “change colour” use a cloth soaked in watet.

Extraordinary maintenance

Sometimes, every year or every six month (or when you think it is necessary) you must clean under the keys, so I use a eyebrow tweezers to remove all key and I use two brushes to clean all.

The keyboard and the tools
I start to remove the keys from Tab by pressing the Cap Loc
After I remove the buttons line by line
And I maintain the order of all keys to be easy to resamble


The keayboard like other objects need to be maintained cleen also if somethimes we ignore theme.



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Nicola Landro

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