Configure Nvidia M40/K80 on your Home Computer

New secondhand video card available because not for miner! We can find with good price some economical GPU like Nvidia M40 or Nvidia K80, that are very good for Deep Learning but also Machine learning.

nvidia 1080 and M40,24GB GPUs

That GPU are not good for Mining but can be used for gaming by using a CPU integrated GPU and some configuration (like explained there).

I find a Nvidia M40, 24GB version with 300 EUR that is a very good price so I buy it and I add on my 1080 workstation.

nvidia-smi output


Connect the Graphic Card with the CPU Cable like said in the M40 manual, but the herror heppen: D4 — PCI resource allocation error. Out of Resources.

I describe the problem in that thread.

This problem can happen also with a K80 or if you and two or more GPU and go over the 24 GB.


Changes in the Bios:

  • Above 4G decoding : Enable
  • CSM support : Enable
  • Fast Boot : Disable

In particular the Above 4G decoding for my Asus Rog Maximum X Hero (with bios of 2017) that setting can be find into the boot option of the bios (not pci as in the recent bios).

Other guides:Aorus Guide , Gigabyte Guide , new Rog Guide

Other minor problems

The first problems is that the screw do not fit the normal case, so you can put your GPU into an horizontal case or use something to hold up it.

My first solution

Another problem could be the dissipation because it is fanless, but you can find online to many solution: 3D printing or others.


This GPUs are not competible with the 30xx but they are very powerfull and economical to buy so for Deep Learning or Gaming can be an economical but powerfull choice!

Train your deep models and share it!




Linux user and Open Source fun. Deep learning PhD Student, Full stack web developer, Mobile developer, Musitian.

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Nicola Landro

Nicola Landro

Linux user and Open Source fun. Deep learning PhD Student, Full stack web developer, Mobile developer, Musitian.

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