Ensambles on Linux

Ensambles is not a DAW but a real time musical performance arranger app, developed for live performance. It can be installed easily with Elementary OS AppCenter but also in other way with other distros, I will explain how to isntall it on any distro with flatpack and to compile it on Open Suse.

Ensambles app

Install with flatpack

We can get flatpack package from releases and install it on any distros, but it does not work with Jack.
So we can procede on each distro with following commands:

wget https://github.com/SubhadeepJasu/Ensembles/releases/download/v0.0.17/Ensembles.flatpakflatpak install ./Ensembles.flatpakflatpak run com.github.subhadeepjasu.ensembles

You are ready to work!

Compile on Open suse

If you want to compile it from source continue the guide!

To have the Jack support you must compile it.


We can install all the needed requirements with:

sudo zypper in meson
sudo zypper in vala
sudo zypper in granite-devel
sudo zypper in libsoup2-devel
sudo zypper in json-glib-devel
sudo zypper in libhandy-devel
sudo zypper in gstreamer-devel
sudo zypper in fluidsynth-devel
sudo zypper in portmidi-devel
sudo zypper in lv2-devel
sudo zypper in liblilv-0-devel
sudo zypper in suil-devel
sudo zypper in suil-plugin-x11


Now as first step install the soundfonts:

#NOT USE THE GIT git clone https://gitlab.com/SubhadeepJasu/ensemblesgmsoundfont.git but the releasewget https://gitlab.com/SubhadeepJasu/ensemblesgmsoundfont/-/archive/v0.0.3/ensemblesgmsoundfont-v0.0.3.tar.gztar -xvzf ensemblesgmsoundfont-v0.0.3.tar.gzcd ensemblesgmsoundfont-v0.0.3meson _build --prefix=/usr
cd _build
sudo ninja install

Now we are ready to compile Ensambles with:

git clone https://github.com/SubhadeepJasu/ensembles.git
cd ensembles
git checkout v0.0.17
meson _build --prefix=/usr
cd _build
sudo ninja install
Going into Settings>Audio you can change the Driver to Jack


I do not reach to test it with Jack on Open Suse (issue) but obviosly with Alsa and Pluseaudio the delay is not so acceptable (if you do not have a good PC with a good CPU like me) so without Jack support is not so fine for live usage like the explanation. Also the soundfont are not so good but you can install one thing and you can play to many instruments without any other configs.
If they continue to develop It also by adding different soundfonts or support to sfz or decent sampler it can become a very good and usefull software for Live and creative use.

It is fre and open source, do not judge it anomously, join the community and try to help! Contribute to Open Source, is free!



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