Linux on Intel Atom Tablet

used tablet

Make USB bootable

# WoeUSB for put iso in usb deviece
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install woeusb
# use 4 GB usb stick
# manually format to fat32
# use the graphic interdace of WoeUSB to boot Kubuntu 18.04 amd64
# at the end remount usb (remove and reinsert the usb stick)
# copy inside this folder at path /EFI/BOOT/ the file bootia32.efi

Install Kubuntu on device

# put an usb keyboard to your device
# put the bootable USB
# run your device
# press f12 or esc or canc or del
# (if it doesent work you shoud disable windows fast boot)
# (maybe if you hard shutdown windows before his start is completed for two or three times maybe can have the same effect of disable fast boot, but only until you start windows)
# and install ubuntu

Fix audio

Now I have been some problem with audio so I use this guide to fix it. You can download es8386.tar.gz and unpack it.

cd es8386
sudo sh
sudo reboot
# now you audio should work

Install your virtual keyboard

I try two virtual keyboard: onboard and florence . The better in my opinion is the second:

sudo apt install florence

Auto rotation

To use autorotation with kde I use a service that can be find at github repo.

git clone
cd kde-auto-rotate

Favorite applications

For the Browser I usually use firefox but it does not support touch screen very well so I use Opera touch. Download it and install with GDebi or another method for installation of .deb file.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andreasbutti/xournalpp-master
sudo apt update
sudo apt install xournalpp

Personalize your KDE UI

For my tabled and his resolution I modify something in ui. For example I expand the menu bar in order to click it good with my finger. I’m not an expert so if you want to personalize your KDE you can see this guide.

Any Problems?

I tink that up to now this is not a perfect solution. I do not resolve a big problem: I cannot see the satus of my power, I should turn it off and plug the charge to know the battery level. I think that soon I solve it (as soon as I have time).
Another nuisance, not a real problem, is the touch experience because the click on the screan corrispond to the left click of the mouse, so you can not do right click using touch (I think that this can fixed setting the long press as right click). No much application support touch.

What else?

In conclusion I think that in general linux are not mature for a full touch expearence but it can be enought. Also because you are not limitated by application power as android o ios device. And if you need some android app in your device you can have it easily with emulator, simulator or chrome plugins.



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Nicola Landro

Nicola Landro

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