LUveler on Linux: maintain the same volume on audio track

More volume generally illude our mind to get better sound, so to make better audio decision sometimes you must to maintain the volume at the same level like explained also in this video.
So we can use LUveler plugin that work on Windows and on Linux to avoid this problem.

LUveler on Carla

Download & Install

(I test it on Opensuse Tumbleweed) Download zip from here and unzip in a folter, with a terminal in that folder:

# downloaded from 32 BIT (on opensuse, maybe on ubuntu here you must put 64 bit lib)
sudo cp /usr/lib/ladspa/
#64 BIT (on opensuse)
sudo cp /usr/lib64/ladspa/
sudo cp ladspa.h /usr/include/

Now from you favorite DAW or similar you can refresh the plugins and see the LADSPA plugin LUveler appear in your list.

Daw Compatibility

Ladspa plugin can be used on Ardour and Qtractor, also on non daw like Audacity. To use in Reaper I use Carla as VST and Carla can load LADSPA

Reaper that use Carla to open LUveler

With carla you can also use it on LMMS and in general carla is very usefull.


Enjoy your music with free software, however this plugin do not seams to be open source, did you youse any alternative for linux? Lv2 or vst3? Write in the comment and help the community!



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Nicola Landro

Nicola Landro

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