Music trascription with colab

This stori is part of the series Zero-Config Audio tricks with Colab you can find there more trik related to audio.

In this article I want to share my notebook that transform a .wav file into midi. This technique use an Artificial intelligence and create only one midi channel. This method is not perfect but you can correct it after manually with muse score , lmms or your favorite DAW/midi editor.

We say that the midy channel is one but you can spleet your audio into different traks with this if you have the instrument that it can spleet.

Colab Notebook

Run and Load a .wav file

So click on sfoglia… and select a file that must be named other.wav.

When the load is done, you can run the second block that create the mid file.

Now you can listen the midi result.

Running the last cell you can download the midi file.


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