OpenUTAU Italian singing voice

I just speak about Synthesizer V Studio that is a good freemium tool to synthesize voice in japanese and english, however it does not support other languages like italian and french so I found OpenUTAU.

It is cross platform and have a very large community of contributor also if the algorithms behind was a bit old, it can be a good free choice to start to approach to this argument. And you can create your custom voice if you want.


To install on linux I follow this tutorial so you must exec

source <(curl -s

Now if you search in your application you can find and run OpenUtau.

Add Voice

Download an italian voice from here because on the blog is broken.

Now from the menu install voice:

And then select the zip of the voice.

Compose your singing Part

On the left side you can add new track

After you can chose a voice and a Phonemizer on the track for example I choose Arianna Leone and IT CVVC.

Now you can click on the right area to create a new part

You can double click on it ed start to write

Music XML to UST

I use muse score tipically to write partiture, I need to export it as .xml becasue .mid do not maintain the text. I try this repo that convert .xml to .uts but it seams do not work properly. So I open this Issue I have no solution for now.


UTAU is not a very good Singing Voice Synthesizer, but it have to many open source things and also Italian and European language support that other tools does not have.

So it is possible to contribute to improve the quality!



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Nicola Landro

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