Play all Steam game and more with Linux

Play on linux all Steam game is possible, and also other tool can help you to cross over the Windows experience maintain the confort zone software. If you want to use linux and do not louse nothing, expecially video game, or only want something to answare to criticism from Windows users you are in the correct place!

The first observation that many people make against linux is that “it does not have word” or common use program, but it is a very weak observation because the common office suite can be replaced by Libre Office or WPS community or many others. Also Tjfree replace creative suite and exist something to replace any others basic programs.

The real big issue is gaming! More people say that if you are on linux you can’t play the best reacent game. This is true yesterday, but not today! We will see how to solve this issue!

Linux and GPU Driver

If you have Nvidia GPU you can start from Pop! OS made by System76, a very big player on Linux Based computers, that have a version with Nvidia driver pre-configured.

So I have chose to use Pop! OS and this guide start from it.

If you have AMD GPU you have no particular advantages to use this distro, I think only some ppa that are just present like steam but you can add manually.

Unlock all Steam uning Proton

sudo apt install steam

Now we can use steam, but we can play only Linux Games, that are not enougth.

In order to achive the whole windows catalogue of games you can enable Proton from Steam>Settings>Steam Play by check the Enable Steam Play for all other tiles. As default we have only Enable Steam Play for supported titles.

Steam play menu with highlighted the standard config

It at first game for windows you download add some extra packages that he need to work, it is completelly transparent to you. In particular Proton is a fork of Wine that is more focused on Steam and Game. Proton is very efficient and for modern game that use vulkan instead of DiretX have better performance than windows.

(You can also install Discord by download the .deb file)

Beyond Steam

Install guide:

sudo apt install wine64sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris
sudo apt update
sudo apt install lutris

If you have issue:

FileNotFoundError ‘/home/popos/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk/dxvk_versions.json’

Copy it manually as explained here by downloading this file.

For all other windows application (also no game app) you can use Wine that we have just installed as lutris pre-requirement.

In this platform you can include all your games, it also have pre-configured script, you can test it by installing SuperTuxKart.


I hope that in the future all people pass to open software: the problem is not to pay for a software, but is the freedom! I want to be free to customize the thing that I use in order to fit my personal user experience.

Sometimes people say: “I used to use Windows and change cost time”. In the past too many people DIE to obtain freedom, now we want to loss it only for confort zoone reasons? We want to lost the freedom in the digital world? Realy?

Use open source or at least linux alternative if you can!

Linux user and Open Source fun. Deep learning PhD Student, Full stack web developer, Mobile developer