Spleet Instruments trak from audio with colab

This story is part of the series Zero-Config Audio tricks with Colab you can find there more trik related to audio.

This is a notebook that implement a zero config spleeter tool that use that library to spleet your audio in different track that can contains vocals, bass, drum, piano and other.

I also made another story in wich I install it and I use from a linux pc. I also made a simple GUI. If you are interested you can find it there.

Colab Notebook

You can use at this notebook and login with your google account to use this function.

Run and Load a .mp3 file

Run the first for cells, and drang and drop your .mp3 file into the left panel

Edit the file name (the file name should not have spaces in his name) with yours, you can also choose the spllet type (vocals, other and other options). Now run that and the other cells

At the end of the run you can go to the folder output and find your file that can be downloaded as in image


This tool is not perfect, because in a equalized file you can hear the equalization effect into the spleeted track and it is very hard to remove. But it is very interensting to use for example to play only a part of a song with the all other traks or to analyze the works of others band.

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