Spleeter a way to subdivide audio in voice and accompainment

QtSpleeter gui

User Interface

If you wan a UI you can clone this repo:

git clone https://gitlab.com/nicolalandro/qt_spleeter.git
cd qt_spleeter/src
pip install -r ./src/requirements.txt
python qt_spleeter.py
./Qt_Spleeter-x86_64.AppImage # on first run it install the requirements

Shell command Install

Going deeper you can use it mannualy by command line.

pip install spleeter


spleeter separate -i <input_file>.mp3 -p spleeter:2stems -o <output_folder>


It is avery good tool for fan dub and also for singers that want to study a famouys song with an accompainment.



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Nicola Landro

Nicola Landro

Linux user and Open Source fun. Deep learning PhD Student, Full stack web developer, Mobile developer, Musitian.