Use Jack and pulseaudio at the same time on Linux Mint

When you use a DAW with or without pipewire up to now you must use Jack but in this way you cannot see a video on youtube o do something else during your daw session, because jack control the audio and not pulseaudio.

In this guide we will see how to set jack to reproduce also the pulseaudio output.


We need qjackctl and pulseaudio-module-jack

Config jack

Put in the config>options the following line in the after run box:

This line create some entityes that connect plus audio and jack.

Other Linux OS not ubuntu based as OpenSuse need a different string:

But I use Linux Mint so the first line work for me.


This seams strange but it is simply to understand if we know that jack get the audio in an exclusive way in order to controll totally all the possible delay.

This configuration is simple and do not cost nothig, I wait the future solutions after pipewire become more and more supported from the DAW directly.

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