VST and VST3 on Linux Mint 20 with linvst and linvst3

The modern VST can be compiled natively on Linux, but a lot of oldest plugin are not open source. So we need to use Wine. But with this method we use one instance of wine server ad we save ram and cpu.

DISCLAIMER: Actually I’m using yabridge but without gui (video tutorial). The wine install step is requirend, but it have an instruction to add a folder and an instruction to sync and create automatically the .so file for each vst or vst3 file into the folder that you add, up to now I prefer it, I will write new article about it in the future.

Install Wine

Follow this guide:

Install linvst

Install linvst for .dll.

Install linvst3

Install linvst3 for .vst3.

Add a plugin

Copy the <file>.dll or <file>.vst3 into vst folder (ex. /home/user/vst and add it to Ardour). Add the file linvst.so or livst3.so and rename as <file>.so. From Ardour or Reaper you can scan vst and see the vst plugin. Also Carla can import manually this plugins.


The best choice is to use lv2 or native vst plugin but if you cannot you can use this method. Good luck for your music production!

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