Yabridge: VST and VST3 on linux definitive tool

Although I start using linvst I’m converted to yabridge defintly, because it support vst2 and vst3 at 32 bit and 64 bit togheder and it also have a clean manage of plugisn: you can add some folder and after you can scann for plugins and it create automatically the .so files.

I made this guide starting from this video tutorial but I do not use a gui.

Install Wine

Follow this guide:

Download yabridge

You can see releases there

Add a fonder and sync

Set the folder in witch it create the linux usable plugins

After ad your folders with vst or vst3 plugins, how many you want

Run a sync to create files

So from Ardour or Reaper you can scan vst and see the vst plugin. Also Carla can import manually this plugins.


This is definitely the best way to use windows VST and VST3 on linux, but I prefer to use linux native plugin so if you use a newest plugin you can ask to the producer to compile the VST3 for linux beacuse is free and easy for him, I think that in the future linux can have to many plugins.

Enjoy your music and press to obtain linux version of plugins!

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