Zero-Config Audio tricks with Colab

This is the presentation of a series of stories that want to create colab notebook (so zero-conf for your computer) that can help you with your music productions.

This tools use artificial intelligence and I only create a way to port that to all people though Notebooks. This tool is not the state of the art but it is very usefull and commercial tools use it, so the results is not lesser that much of the payfull tools.

Google Colab

Google colaboraty is a web served Jupyter Notebook for all people that have a gmail account. You can also host your Jupyter on your machine if you want. The get also for free illimitated cpu time and 12 hours of shared GPU with 16 GB.

Colab is not the only one for example also Gradient offer a similar service and also kaggle that offer also competion and a very large amount of datasets. They have some differences for the free uses, for example Kaggle get 30 hours of gpu at month.

In the end I chose google colab because a gmail account is more popular between the people.

How it work

For semplicity we can describe a Jupyter Notebook as a sheet with box that can contains Explanation text (using markdown sintax) or python code.

Each block have a run button and you can exec by click it. So the wall notebook work by run all bloks.

Some work need to charge files, you can charge it on colab easly by a drag and drop, or some notebooks offer to you a box that ask for the file.

Little more About Jupyter

In general the code can be in different languages if you install different kernels, exist also a multi langues kernel but we will use only python to be easy compatible with online free tools.

If you want some information to install and configure jupyter also with multiple kernels you can read this.


I hope that this series can interest you and take you near to the nearest research topic or oldest ignored reasearch work. I also home that some of readers can improve their knowledge and write new interesting work for whole people!

Enjoy your music, enjoy your research!



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